Guidance Rooted
In Relationships

From our home in Knoxville, Tennessee through the southeast United States, we are committed to building relationships to reinforce the unique investment needs of every individual.

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Mission statement

To help investors create, implement, and enjoy a clear vision of their retirement story.

Experienced Expertise

The Guidance Advisors team is built on a background of education, experience, and a desire to provide individualized financial care for every client.

Strong Foundations

Todd Rechenbach begins using his business degree from The University of Tennessee to serve others through individual financial planning with Prudential. With a commitment to excellence he became branch manager in 1996.

Building Knowledge

Todd seeks the best ways to serve the needs of Tennessee natives and becomes part of the team at Campbell, Worden, & Associates. In 2001, his dedication turns into a partnership and a name change to Worden, Rechenbach, & Brooke.

Gifting Guidance

Years of hands-on education in financial advising and leadership experience opens the doors to Guidance Advisors. Allowing Todd to directly use relationships to build flourishing financial plans for companies and individuals.

Core Values

At Guidance Advisors our core values drive everything we do, giving us a passion to help our clients work toward a secure and thriving financial future.

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    Client Focused

    The cornerstone of our business with every detail existing to create an excellent client experience.

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    Relevant Wisdom

    Timeless principles blend with experience, giving you relevant wisdom while creating a clear plan for your retirement.

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    World-class guides are swift to hear and slow to speak, building a deep understanding of a client's needs in order to give prudent financial advice.

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    Discipline within our systems and processes creates a client experience that is consistent, efficient, and effective.

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    Unyielding Integrity

    We vow to do right by our clients, taking seriously the trust client’s give us with their resources and their futures.

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    Prudent wisdom and understanding inspires clients to practice a lifetime of careful, appropriate choices alongside counsel by advisors with good judgment of their resources.

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    Viewing every client as a gift compels us to give them our best effort.

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    Authentic Empathy

    Through authentic engagement with a client’s hopes and dreams we create a plan that aligns with their goals.

What Makes Us Different

Our team is intent on establishing and growing meaningful relationships with our clients. We know that successful financial strategies are built on trust and longevity.

What Makes Us Different

We appreciate that no two clients are the same. We give time and care into personalizing a plan designed to help every person reach their unique goals and dreams.

What Makes Us Different

With over 25 years advising in corporate and personal retirement, we know that experience and education matters to us and directly benefits our clients. We lead the way in upholding the highest levels of education and professional experience.

Planning for the Future? Let us be your guide.

Guidance Advisors is dedicated to a level of service and commitment that exceeds industry expectations. Experience it first hand by scheduling a no-obligation consultation today.

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